Friday, 30 October 2015

Hello I am still here đź’—

Hiya so I have had a little break but now I am back.  So while I have been away I got a little job, I am working with children in a preschool. This really is my passion and I love caring for children and making sure they have a safe, enriching wonderful environment.  My youngest little girl has now gone to school- I was very sad about this and I really did have to come to terms with the fact my baby was growing up!
So life in our house is fun and busy!
At the moment it is half term here- it has been an awful rainy miserable week but we have filled it with crafts, dancing , baking and lots more lovely indoor activities. I will miss my three little girlies when they go back to school.
Anyway how are all of you?  How is your half term going?
Please comment below and I will see you all very soon x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Happy birthday daddy xxx

Last week was my dads birthday, myself and my girls went round to my parents house to celebrate. We had a cake, the candles were blown out and a wish was made.
The difference in this birthday celebration is that my dad sadly passed away 2 years ago from cancer at only 64 years old.
My dad was such a kind,loving person. He was a great grandpa,  enjoyed spending time with my girls and they adored him.
He took them for walks, read the same book time and time again and took time to listen to them and what they wanted to say.
my girls didn't have enough years with him and were young when he passed and so we choose to keep his memory alive. we talk about him, tell funny stories and have pictures around our house.
Just last week I over heard my 6 year old telling her friend a funny thing that her papa proud that would have made him feel and it certainly did me.
This post is all about love and how strong it can be. how love can overcome the most awful of situations and bring us together and how when you are truly loved you never really forget it.
So today I urge you to tell someone in your family that you love them, give them a hug or just call them up for a chat and show them you care. 
Happy birthday daddy x

Sunday, 7 September 2014

when they are gone...............

We have just returned from our summer holiday, 7 days in Hayling Island, Hampshire. As we were packing up the car a friend of mine who has 3 grown up girl's walked past, "Are you leaving now?" she asked, I explained that we were going to be leaving early the next morning. she looked at me and said "make the most of it, this year was the first year we went on holiday without our girls and it was so strange".
I thought about this again as we travelled down in the car, I looked at my three adorable little girls,fast asleep, warm and snug in there pyjamas and I thought how different it would be without them,when it was just us? 
No arguing and squabbling in the back of the car, no asking when we will arrive, no having to stop at the side of the road for the toilet, no having children's music on or singing endless nursery rhymes, just being able to sit in the quiet and relax,maybe even read a book or chat.
But how empty will that car be?
How I will long for those days when my babies were young, when they needed me for so many things,
 I will remember their excitement and their joy, how everything to them was a big adventure, and how seeing there faces light up made my holiday all worthwhile, when all they wanted was my company and my attention.
Suitcases may be lighter then but my heart will be heavy!

So this holiday, I danced when they wanted me to dance, we stayed on the beach for longer when they asked, fed the ducks in their nighties and I tried to make the moments count, taking lots of photos along the way.
One day my girls will be all grown up and going on holidays by themselves,and I will be happy for them, they will be having adventures as they should.  But right now they are little and they are here with me on holiday and so we will laugh, we will smile, we will love.........making the moments count!


Thursday, 21 August 2014

first blog post .............

This is my first blog post,  I have wanted to start one for such a long time that I feel so excited to be finally writing it- eeeek!!!
Who am I?  I am a 39 year old mummy of three gorgeous girls- they are aged 6,5 and 3 years old.  I work in a preschool and am really into reading, taking photos and writing.
After having my three girls so close together I feel I am finally finding myself again, I love my girls and truly adored being at home with them but I did lose myself a little for a while and so this blog will also be about  reclaiming myself again.
I believe to be a  great mum you first need to be great to yourself ! Even if it's just allowing yourself to read a good book, have a bath with out being interrupted  or buy something nice that's just for you.
My girls are wonderful and all have brilliant characters- I'm sure you will meet them along the way- my eldest is sensitive and quiet but so caring, my second girlie is  outgoing , helpful and loves cuddles  and our youngest  has a headful of curls that totally reflect her bubbly lively personality- they are all wonderful individuals.
So now you know a little about me and mine- I will leave you with this photo of my girls- we spent time recently painting our toes- such a simple but yet rewarding bonding activity- I love my girls toes- so cute x